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Exceptional Skylights Supplied in Reigate

Glass Roofs UK supply premium skylight fixtures in Reigate and the surrounding areas. All our skylights are made by our dedicated in-house team, where we only produce products of the highest standards. We have total control over the products we sell, so you can have complete confidence in us that you are receiving the very best the industry has to offer. Create a warm and bright atmosphere in your Reigate home today with our selection of skylights.

Our expert team have a wealth of knowledge and experience. They are always on hand to help with any project, whether this be a commercial business or for a homeowner. Our fantastic selection of skylights will let more natural light into your home, creating a more inviting living space. Glass Roof UK skylights are also completely customisable. Choose from our range of finishing options and colours to make this new feature personalised to you.

Fantastic Features of Fixed Flat Skylights

Skylights can add great thermal efficiency to your Reigate home. Our expertly designed skylights boost incredibly low U-values of 1.6. As a result, our products achieve even higher standards than those set by the UK Building Regulations. When crafting our skylights, we always put the homeowners needs first. That’s why we can fit our skylights to your specifications and seamlessly blend this feature into the existing architecture of your property.

Skylights are extremely efficient. They retain heat extremely well, meaning your property is kept at the optimum temperature all year round. Create extra ventilation in the summer, or keep your Reigate property warm in the winter with our skylights. Our advanced systems are designed to last for decades. That’s why we have manufactured our skylights at a pitch of 5 degrees. This angle minimises the danger of pooling and prevents any water leakage.

Superior Walk on Skylights Reigate

Skylights are ideal for commercial developments in Reigate. We provide both internal and external skylights, both of which incorporate high end laminates that are crafted by our expert engineers. Each skylight also comes fitted with internal glazing that helps to reinforce the overall structure. We put in these extra features to guarantee our skylights are able to last for decades to come. Customers can have trust in us to deliver the best possible service.

Whatever the project you may have in mind, our skylights are a great addition to your Reigate build. Our products are structurally reinforced, perform to the highest standards and boost great thermal efficiency. We stand out amongst our competitors thanks to the huge number of additional features we are able to offer our customers. For example, our skylights are fitted with a thermal spacer and stepped inner pane. Not only does this make your installation incredibly long lasting, but is could also help to reduce your heating bills.

Opening skylights

Opening skylights are becoming increasingly popular in Reigate and the surrounding areas. Our opening skylights can be operated via a switch control or wireless app. It’s never been easier to operate your skylight; simply open and close it with the touch of a button. This is an ideal feature for commercial customers who operate out of large premises. If you cannot access your skylight easily, invest in our products that are incredibly easy to operate.

Our skylights are manufactured using a built-in self-cleaning system. This sophisticated invention can make your life incredibly easy. The self-cleaning feature makes sure any built-up residue and grime just slide off the glass. This performance style glass is incredibly effective at keeping your skylight clean all year round. Forget time-consuming cleaning as our skylights do that job for you. All our products are used and trusted by architects, developers, builders and homeowners.

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We’re experienced in supplying and manufacturing professional skylights in Reigate.

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