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Exceptional Skylights Supplied in Farnham

Glass Roofs UK are professional installers of skylights in Farnham. Brighten your property with our skylights that can add warmth and light into your Farnham home. Our expert team has a thorough understanding of every skylight solution, so we can be guaranteed to fit one that is perfect for you. Our products are of the best quality, and the service we provide is specialised and professional. We craft our skylights in-house at our dedicated manufacturing warehouse.

From supply to completion, we oversee the whole process, ensuring every part of the journey complies with the highest trading standards. Glass Roof UK skylights are available for both homeowners and commercial businesses. The outstanding range we have to offer will meet the needs of any customer. Create a more comfortable and light living space with our skylights and benefit from increased thermal efficiency with our products. As well as this we even have the potential to reduce your energy bills. Our skylights are also completely customisable. Choose from our range of designs and materials to make this feature bespoke to your Farnham home.

Fantastic Features of Fixed Flat Skylights

Our expert team of professionals makes sure each project is completed to the highest standards, so we guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the solutions we offer. Our expertly crafted thermal skylights reach amazingly low U-values of 1.6, achieving higher standards than UK Building Regulations. As well as being thermally efficient, all our skylights are weatherproof and can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Protect your home all year round and break the cycle of mould or dampness in your property. Installing a skylight can seal areas of your roof and make it airtight.

Our expert team of fitters make sure your new skylight performs to the highest standard. We want you to enjoy our products for decades to come, so we put in place special measures to ensure your skylight lasts for as long as possible. For example, our advanced systems are manufactured at a pitch of 5 degrees, minimising the danger of water pooling around your skylight. Each skylight comes fitted with internal glazing, reinforcing the entire product ensuring it is as strong as possible. This added element keeps your Farnham home protected all year round.

Superior Walk on Skylights Farnham

Skylights are the perfect accessory to add to a commercial development in Farnham. Glass Roofs UK provide both internal and external skylights, adding warmth and light into your property. Our classic skylights come with a 33mm laminate, making them air and watertight. You can feel rest assured that your skylight won’t warp or wear, even after years of use. If you want to add some skylights into your commercial warehouse space, or just add another feature in your home, we have the best solutions for you.

Whatever the project, our skylights are guaranteed to give you the best performance and excellent thermal efficiency. Skylights are structurally reinforced to ensure they are durable and weather resistant. Because of all these added features, they stand out as some of the leading in the market. Our cost efficient designs are all fitted with a thermal spacer and stepped inner pane. These features make sure our products are incredibly long lasting with impressively low U-values. Make a skylight the next investment in your Farnham home.

Opening skylights

Add extra ventilation into your home with our range of opening skylights. These types of skylights are becoming increasingly popular among Farnham homeowners. Unlike our fitted products, opening skylights are operated with a switch control or wireless app. This makes it increasingly easy to open and close your skylight. It’s so easy to control, just open your new skylight with a touch of a button. This design works well in both and commercial and a suburban setting.

We want to make our designs as easy to operate as possible. That’s why our skylights are manufactured with an in-built self-cleaning system. This special type of performance glass means dirt and residue can easily slide off the glass. No longer worry about unwanted grime on your glass as our sophisticated systems mean that time consuming cleaning is a thing of the past. Because of this, our skylights are great for large businesses that operate out of big commercial premises. If you struggle to keep your current windows clean, look at our selection of skylights to solve this issue.

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We’re experienced in supplying and manufacturing professional skylights in Farnham. Our roofs are used by architects, developers, builders and homeowners.

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