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Quality Options to Suit Every Home

At Glass Roofs UK, we appreciate that every Farnborough home is different. That's why we offer a variety of skylights to fit every Hampshire property. We are the number one manufacturer and supplier for glass bonded and glazed roof products across the county, offering the best products available. We work closely with architects, developers, builders and homeowners across Farnborough, manufacturing and supplying skylights for both domestic and commercial homes. Whether your project is in a home or business, our dedicated team will ensure you get the best high-end product for your project. Call our team today to find out how Glass Roofs UK can offer the best product for your double glazing installation.

Fixed Flat Glass Skylights

Our fixed flat glass skylights are produced to the exact specifications of your Farnborough double glazing project. This unique roof system is ultra slim and aesthetically pleasing, The contemporary style offers the perfect fit for every type of Farnborough property, suiting modern and period buildings alike. Fixed Flat Glass Skylights offer industry-leading U-values, range from 1 to 0.6. The comfort of the Farnborough property won't be disrupted after an installation. The glass specification of this rooflight is subject to size, meaning it can be fit on any size property. If you want to add natural light to a property, then this roofing option is the perfect choice.

Skylight Prices Farnborough

If you’re interested in one of our skylights for your Farnborough home, contact us today for a free no-obligation quote. Just let us know your specifications and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible. We can offer a speedy service on standard skylights, helping to keep your project on track.

Contact our team today through our online contact form or call us today on 01252 336614 and a friendly member of our team will help.

Opening Skylights

This skylight combines both function and form to offer the best performance in any Farnborough property. The thermal break on both the outer-frame and sash means this roofing option will not lead to a colder Hampshire home. You can choose from a range of glass options, with neutral toughened solar glass offered as standard. You can also opt for various solar performance glasses, triple glazing, laminated glass, privacy glass and more. Unlike other designs, Opening Skylights house an electric chain actuator that can be switch controlled or wireless application can be achieved. This allows this skylight to offer a 21st-century standard of performance and practicality. Solar-control self-cleaning glass means the Farnborough homeowner won't be left worrying about how best to maintain this product.

Walk-on Skylights

Walk-On Skylights can be used in both commercial and domestic applications. We use 33mm component laminate with a thermal space and steeped inner pane, offering better U-values. The Farnborough homeowner will notice that the overall heat retention capabilities of their property will be enhanced where this roofing option is installed. This will lead to the Hampshire homeowner saving money on their energy bills, reducing the carbon footprint of their property. Whether you choose to have it as a complementary feature or something to let the light in, our Walk-on skylights are an excellent addition to any Farnborough home. Like all our skylights, we offer a range of glass options, such as solar performing glasses, triple glazing, privacy glass and more. The glass is expertly bonded into the skylight frame, working better to increase the security and structural integrity across the whole build. With the application of anti-slip glass, you can even imbed this skylight into paving, allowing the Farnborough homeowner to use it as a centrepiece for their garden that they can walk over and enjoy.

Glass Roofs UK: Your Nationwide Skylights Supplier

Glass Roofs UK is the perfect choice for skylights in Farnborough and across Hampshire. We supply and manufacture our products, meaning we can build them to your exact specifications. Our team will be on hand to listen to your query and ensure that your rooflight perfectly suits your property.

We work quickly and efficiently, ensuring that the Farnborough installer is not left waiting for delivery on installation day. Our bespoke range will fit your budget and transform the look of your home. Across the process, we will communicate with you, keeping you up-to-date on when your skylight is ready.

Skylights Prices Farnborough

If you’d like to get one of our skylights for your double glazing project in Farnborough, contact us today. You can call us on 01252 964 444 or fill out our online contact form and a member of our team will be back in touch.

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