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Exceptional Skylights Supplied in Croydon

If you’re looking for a reliable and professional skylight supplier in Croydon, look no further than Glass Roofs UK. We craft our skylights in-house at our dedicated manufacturing warehouse. This allows us to have total control over the products we provide, meaning we consistently supply top-quality skylights to our customers. Our team have a thorough understanding of every skylight solution we sell, helping us find the perfect skylights for your home in Croydon. Our skylights are ideal for both homeowners and commercial customers, and we’re sure our outstanding range will be a great addition to any property.

Our brilliant selection of skylights will let more natural light pass through your home and create a brighter, more comfortable living space. As well as this, your home will also benefit from top range thermal performance, helping you reduce the price of your energy bills. Our skylights are also customisable. We can provide a bespoke service, allowing homeowners to customise their skylights to certain specifications and ensure it matches their property’s aesthetic. Want to talk about our range? Get in touch now! Our team of professionals will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your next project. Alternatively, you can use our roof design tool to browse our full range of products.

Fantastic Features of Fixed Flat Skylights

When choosing our skylights, your Croydon home will be enhanced with a wide variety of benefits. Our expertly crafted thermal skylights reach amazingly low U-values of 1.6, achieving higher standards than set by the UK Building Regulations. When crafting our products, we have homeowners needs at the forefront of our minds. Because all skylights are weather-resistant, your home will be protected from harsh weather conditions. This means that there’s no risk of damp or mould entering your home, helping you save money in the long run trying to repair damp or other rain-related issues that can be brought on by low-performing skylights.

At Glass Roofs UK, we understand how important prompt delivery is for many homeowners. Our team of experts can fit all types of skylights in Croydon and the surrounding London areas. Our advanced systems are manufactured at a pitch of 5 degrees, minimising the danger of pooling. Each skylight we supply comes fitted with internal glazing, helping reinforce the structure of the product. This added feature helps ensure that your Croydon home will be protected from general wear and tear and damage all year round.

Glass Skylights Prices Croydon

Reach out today for a fast and simple online quote, and one of our expert team can help you find the best skylight for your needs. Get in touch through our online contact form or call us on 01252 336614 to speak to directly to a member of the Glass Roof team. We’ll be happy to talk through any questions you have about your upcoming project and can even provide a quote for bespoke installations. 


Superior Walk on Skylights Croydon

Our skylights are ideal for a number of commercial developments in Croydon. We can provide both internal and external skylights, both benefiting from high-end laminates crafted by experienced engineers. Our classic skylights come fitted with a 33mm laminated, meaning you can feel rest assured that your product will stand the test of time, even after years of repeated use.

Are you planning a new home extension? Or perhaps you’re undertaking a commercial business venture? Whatever the project, you can feel peace of mind that our skylights are high performing, structurally reinforced and provide fantastic thermal efficiency. Thanks to a number of diverse additional features, our products stand out amongst the crowd compared to competitors. Our skylights are fitted with a thermal spacer and stepped inner pane. Not only does this mean you’ll be investing in a long-lasting installation, but also a cost-effective one. Our skylights reach impressively low U-values, helping you reduce the need for heating in the winter months.

Opening skylights

It’s unsurprising that opening skylights are becoming a fan favourite amongst Croydon homeowners. Operate our opening skylights with ease by using a switch control or wireless app. This is ideal for both commercial customers and those looking to enhance their home in Croydon.

Our skylights are manufactured with in-built self-cleaning glass, meaning you won’t have to worry about difficult or time-consuming cleaning. Any built-up dirt or silt that blocks the view of your skylight will be burnt off by the performance glass. Once the excess grime is burnt off, any rain will naturally rinse away any unwanted residue.

Glass Roofs UK: Your Croydon Skylights Supplier

We’re experienced in supplying and manufacturing professional skylights. Our roofs are used by architects, developers, builders and homeowners. Additionally, we can create bespoke, all-purpose skylights unique for your home. Choose the fixtures and internal solutions for you, ensuring your skylight excels in both practicality and visual appeal.

Skylights Prices, Croydon and Surrounding London Areas

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