Product Description

Our electric opening rooflight boasts a thermal break on both outer-fame and sash. With larger 35mm quad polyamide inserts for unbeatable thermal quality, this will be one of the most attractive and thermally efficient electric opening rooflights on the market to date.  When this product is brought to your project, you’re sure to be satisfied with how it looks and how it performs.

With an overall depth of 165mm and a back to front measurement of 119mm, it houses an electric chain actuator that can be switch controlled, or wireless application can be achieved. This means that they can offer a modern standard of performance and practicality, including solar control self-cleaning glass. This allows these rooflights to bring the best in modern innovations, to combine outstanding function and form.

More importantly, weather plays a big role when it comes to the design of the product. That’s why we have designed our industry leading triple seal gasket system that is sure to keep weather out, even in the harshest of conditions. This means that draughts and water ingress won’t be a problem, which can have a negative effect on home comfort and reduce the product lifespan.


  • Thermally broken aluminium

  • Electric Opening of 400mm

  • 4 x 35mm Polyamide inserts

  • Triple Seal Gasket System

  • RAL colour Anthracite Grey 7016m & Jet Black 9005m

  • Glass Specification - 6/18/6mm or 6/20/4mm

  • Double Glazed or Triple Glazed option

  • Optional rain & temperature sensor available

Glass Options

To suit a wide range of needs our opening rooflights can fitted with a choice of glass options, with neutral toughened solar glass installed as standard. Alternative options include various solar performing glasses, triple glazed, laminated glass, privacy glass and more. Each of these glass options offers a unique standard of functionality and aesthetic, to help you get the perfect fit.

To ensure they offer the best in all areas, the glass options that we offer are bonded into the frame to maximise overall structural integrity. This not only ensures they achieve an impressive degree of weatherproofing and thermal efficiency, it also works to promote an extensive lifespan to minimise the need for any after sales which can be both costly and timely.

Bespoke Design

As a professional manufacturer, we are able to create opening rooflights that are designed specifically for the property style, size, and project specifications. With this in mind, they will be easier to install and will always offer the perfect fit to maximise aesthetics and performance. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us to speak to a member of our friendly team.

With measuring specifications, we require the tight weathered external dimension and internal the internal dimension including your finished plasterboard (i.e, our roofs displayed as 1000mm x 1000mm roof are manufactured to fit an external upstand of 1000mm x 1000mmm). It is important to consider this when you are specifying your roof design to avoid any problems down the line.

Opening Glass Roof Prices

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