Product Description

The ultra-modern pyramid is one of the slimmest designs available today, providing more light transmittance than any other pyramid on the market. Traditionally, other companies use bars in their Roof Lanterns/Pyramids which can appear bulky and obtrusive and may also affect the U-values. The designs that we offer achieve this without losing out on structural integrity.

This makes our designs not only more aesthetically pleasing, but also more energy efficient. Consisting of glass to glass joins with thermal foam barrier using a glass of just 1.0 U-value, the product will retain warmth even in the harshest of conditions. In turn, this could help to simultaneously reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint throughout the year as less energy is used as a result.

As frameless design also allows these roof lanterns to maximise natural light allowance, bringing a bright and spacious feel to any room that they are installed in. Not only does this help to bring a sense of openness, it also works to enhance aerial views while using modern solar glass to prevent overheating during the warmer summer days. When these roofs are installed, the living space can be used all year round.


  • Thermally broken comprising of 2 x 32mm polyamide inserts

  • Finished in a tough and long lasting polyester powder coated paint

  • 23mm overhang for a better weather tight seal

  • RAL colour Anthracite Grey 7016m & Jet Black 9005m

  • Glass from 1.0 U value to 0.6 U value

  • Glass spec is 4 / 20 / 4 heat soaked toughened glass

  • Sunguard 70/35 Neutral Solar Glass

  • Ritec Self Cleaning Glass available

  • Ultra-Slim frame

  • Sleek glass to glass joins

Glass Options

To ensure our frameless glass roof lanterns are the ideal fit for all tastes and project requirements, we can fit them with a wide choice of high performance glazing options. As standard, we fit our roof lanterns with neutral toughened solar glass installed. Further to this, we can also offer various solar performing glasses, triple glazed, laminated glass, privacy glass and more.

With these options, we’ll be able to offer the freedom to get the optimum temperature, natural light allowance and privacy in any room. For maximum performance, all of our glass designs are bonded into the frame. This works to simultaneously increase the structural integrity of the build and thermal efficiency performance, ensuring it is a fantastic fit for better looks and performance.

Bespoke Design

We are well versed in manufacturing tailored frameless glass roof lanterns, made bespoke to your exact specifications. This means that we are able to offer you designs that maximise appearance and performance, made to suit the aperture that you need to make them quicker and easier to install. There is no reason to settle for anything less than the best standards.

Getting the right measurements is essential for the perfect fit, which is why it’s important to note that our roofs are manufactured to suit the external weathered upstand dimensions (i.e, our roofs displayed as 1000mm x 1000mm roof are manufactured to fit an external upstand of 1000mm x 1000mm). If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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