Product Details

This is a unique flat rooflight system that is ultra slim and aesthetically pleasing. It’s contemporary style suits both modern and period buildings to achieve a great look wherever it is situated. Performance of our Rooflight is industry leading in U values and weather durability which has been tested to ensure the product surpasses all current regulations and will withstand the test of time.

All our rooflights are pitched at 5 degrees as an industry standard to ensure minimal pooling. We only use top specification glass, structurally calculated by our glass engineers to ensure safety and longevity of our products. This means that, whatever your project, you’ll be able to offer something that brings value and performance long after its initial installation.

All components used in the manufacture and installation are designed and made in Britain. The overall U-value of the rooflight is 1.6 using a double-glazed unit of 1.0. All rooflights are handmade by our highly trained staff who adhere to strict manufacturing guidelines and quality control ensuring our first is as good as our last. This means that we’ll always be able to offer a leading standard of quality.


  • Thermally broken comprising of 2 x 27mm polyamide inserts

  • Finished in a tough long lasting polyester powder coated finish to RAL 7016

  • 48mm overhang for a better weathertight seal

  • Extruded frame to accommodate from 30mm DGU to 44mm DGU and Walk-On glass

  • Glass from 1.0 U value to 0.6 U value

  • Glass specification is subject to size

  • Side fixed or lug fixed

  • Standard RAL Colours available at additional cost

  • Ritec self cleaning glass available at an additional cost

Glass Options

Our fixed flat rooflights are available with a range of glass options, including a neutral toughened solar glass as standard. Alongside this, we also offer various solar performing glasses, triple glazed, laminated glass, privacy glass and more. This helps to bring a specialist design to your project, allowing the freedom to get the desired amount of natural light allowance and privacy.

All of the glass that we manufacture comprises a glass bonded design, which works to increase the overall structural integrity of the roof. In turn, this means that you’ll be able to simultaneously reduce maintenance needs and after sales, while installing a standard of rooflight that achieves exceptional standards of thermal efficiency and water tightness all across the year.

Bespoke Manufacturing

We tailor make all of our fixed flat rooflights to ensure they perfectly fit the property and project requirements. Not only does this make them easier to install, it also means that they will perform to the highest standards. Get in touch with a member of our team to see how we can help you get a rooflight to suit your needs, whether you’re an installer or homeowner.

When it comes to measuring, our roofs are manufactured to suit the external weathered upstand dimensions (i.e, our roofs displayed as 1000mm x 1000mm roof are manufactured to fit an external upstand of 1000mm x 1000mm). It’s important to consider this when specifying the measurements you will need for your project, otherwise you could end up with a poor fit by default.

Fixed Flat Glass Roof Prices

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