Glass Roofs Twickenham

Glass roofs are a hugely popular design choice for residential and commercial projects in Twickenham, serving to brighten the space and add a sense of subtle sophistication. Crafted using high quality aluminium, our glass roofs can achieve optimal thermal efficiency, security and style to enhance any home. 

We craft, supply and install bespoke glass roofs across Twickenham, helping to brighten the homes you work on one at a time. Our glass roof products are individually crafted and made to measure based exactly on the specifications you provide when placing your order. We have spent years developing a gifted and dedicated team with extensive experience creating double glazing and roofing products, so you can be confident that we are delivering the very best. 

To learn more about a bespoke glass roof for your next Twickenham project, get in touch with our helpful team today! Alternatively, use our handy online quoting engine to input your specifications and get a price tailored to your requirements!


  • Thermally broken aluminium

  • Thermally Efficient

  • RAL colour Anthracite Grey 7016m & Jet Black 9005m

  • Optional rain & temperature sensor available

  • Double Glazed or Triple Glazed option

  • Weather and water proof

  • Bespoke design

Walk On Glass Rooflights

Invest in our Walk-On Glass rooflights if you have an upper-level veranda, deck, or lounging area but want the room below to still have natural light and views of the sky. You can maximise both indoor and outdoor space with the aid of this design.

These glass roofs, which come with a 33mm laminate as standard, serve as both a floor and a ceiling light. This design can support a significant amount of weight, allowing you to go about your daily activities and interact with others without worrying about your safety.

Our glass roofs can be used for residential or commercial purposes, making them a great contemporary addition to a house or a fantastic method to bring light into space while still utilising the upstairs outside area.

Fixed Flat Glass Rooflights

At Glass Roofs UK, we provide a broad range of distinctive glass roofs. All of the glass we provide is thermally effective, properly suited to your project, and guaranteed to raise a home’s market value. This roofing selection has been created to shield any structure from even the worst weather conditions.

Our fixed flat glass roofs have a thermal efficiency that can reach U-Values of 1.6, exceeding the current UK Building Regulations criteria. They are also very durable, strong, and long-lasting. Lower your carbon footprint and heating costs with our roofs. Additionally, you can improve the heat retention of a house, keeping it warmer for longer.

Opening Glass Rooflights

This design is a great option if you want to take advantage of greater levels of ventilation as well as glass roofs that fill an area with light. These rooflights can be operated both by a wall switch or a wireless app for your phone or tablet, meaning that you don’t ever have to balance on chairs or tables trying to open or close them.

Our other roofing solutions can also be fitted with solar-controlled, self-cleaning glass. This allows for any dirt, dust or grime that collects over time to be naturally washed away by rainwater, meaning you or your customers enjoy a low-maintenance solution for your project. Triple sealed gaskets also mean that your glass roofs are fully water and weatherproof, not allowing any water or cold air to seep into a building through your frames.

Bespoke Creations

All of our glass roofs are individually crafted and made to measure, so you can be confident that your order will be perfect! With an extensive array of configurations and colourways for homeowners to choose from, your glass roof will be precisely fabricated to suit the existing features and aesthetics of the property and allow for a straightforward installation process. With proper installation, our glass roofs are built to eliminate draughts, leakage and intrusions. 

You can take complete creative control when designing a new glass roof for your Mitcham project. We offer a range of colours and configurations, ensuring that their glass roof installation will complement the existing features of their home and reflect the personalities and preferences of the family.

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Glass Roof Prices Twickenham 

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Alternatively, if you want to get an instant quote on our glass roofs, use our free online cost calculator and start designing your very own bespoke roofing solution. From dealing with your initial enquiry through to creating bespoke solutions to suit both your specifications and budget, we are on hand to help. We look forward to hearing from you!