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For projects in Croydon, Glass Roofs UK provides exceptional glass roofing. Each of our glass roofs has a unique set of characteristics and advantages. We can work directly with domestic and business customers since our products are created and produced in one of our two production facilities. Among others, our clients include homeowners, developers, architects, and builders.

We can provide you with the ideal glass roofing option whether you’re working on a Croydon house, business, care facility, or educational facility. Get in contact with us today to find out more about the various advantages of our glass roofing. Alternatively, you can use our free online quoting tool to receive a free and accurate online quote today.


  • Thermally broken aluminium

  • RAL colour Anthracite Grey 7016m & Jet Black 9005m

  • Rain and temperature sensor available

  • Available double glazed or triple glazed

  • Water and weatherproof

  • Thermally efficient

  • Bespoke design

Fixed Flat Glass Rooflights

Here at Glass Roofs UK, we take great pride in providing a wonderful assortment of custom glass roofs. Our glass is made to match your Croydon project perfectly. The products are thermally efficient and more than capable of raising a home’s market value. At Glass Roofs, we’ve ensured that our roofing selection is specifically created to protect any structure from even the worst weather situations.

We are able to provide fixed flat glass roofs with amazing U-values of 1.6. They are also highly waterproof, strong, and long-lasting. Our fixed flat rooflights readily outperform the existing UK Building Regulations in terms of thermal efficiency. This indicates that they are better at holding heat, keeping a house warmer for longer, and lowering the homeowner’s carbon footprint. Reduce your energy costs and help the environment at the same time by installing our glass roofs.

Walk On Glass Rooflights

Making the most of both indoor and outdoor settings is made easy with our glass roof design. Invest in our Walk-On Glass rooflights if your building has a dining area, deck, or upper-level veranda. With our products, a property could benefit from natural light penetrating the space below. 

These glass roofs, which come with a 33mm laminate as standard, simultaneously serve as a ceiling light and a portion of the floor. You can live your life and interact with others without worrying about safety thanks to its ability to support a significant amount of weight. These glass roofs are suitable for both household and business usage. They can be a great contemporary addition to any house. Additionally, they are a superb method of adding natural light while preserving access to an outside upper area.

Opening Glass Rooflights

Opening glass rooflights are a great option for individuals who want to build a glass roof that will increase ventilation while still letting in a lot of natural light. Our retractable glass roofs can be opened using a wall switch or an app on your tablet or smartphone. The days of opening and closing your display while precariously balancing on tables and chairs are long gone.

These glass roofs are outfitted with our self-cleaning, solar-controlled glass, much like our other roofing options. This enables any muck, filth, or dust that has accumulated over time to be easily removed by the rain. With their triple-sealed gaskets, these glass roofs are completely weatherproof and watertight. Additionally, these gaskets can stop the cold air from entering a building’s frames.

Choosing Glass Roofs UK As Your Croydon Supplier

In Croydon, Glass Roofs UK is the supplier of choice for both commercial clients and private clients. We are pleased to provide a broad range of glass goods and design options and are glad to be effective and dependable in everything we do. You can benefit from our years of accumulated expertise in the double glazing installation sector. Using our knowledge, we can provide you with exceptional glass roofs. 

We provide a broad choice of various sizes in a remarkably quick lead time thanks to our own specialised production facility. At Glass Roofs, you can rely on us to provide intricate and unique roofing designs. Get in touch today to speak with our staff, who can offer you a depth of glazing industry knowledge.

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