Aluminium Roof Lanterns Leatherhead

Update any home in Leatherhead or the surrounding area with our bespoke range of aluminium roof lanterns. Crafted using state of the art manufacturing techniques and modern materials, these roofing solutions can instantly brighten up a space and give the illusion of more space. These roof lanterns are a fantastic investment as they will last for many years to come with minimal maintenance.

This range if crafted using lightweight yet durable aluminium, which can withstand adverse weather conditions. These roofing systems have been tested to ensure they can handle whatever life wants to throw at it. Their performance will not be compromised when it becomes too hot or too cold.

Aluminium roof lanterns are becoming more popular for homes in the Leatherhead area due to the market leading levels of form and function they offer homeowners. We offer a broad array of configurations and styles, which allows them to be fitted to almost any roof. Our made to measure roofing designs can be adapted to modern and traditional homes alike.

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  • Thermally broken comprising of 2 x 32mm polyamide inserts

  • Robust and long lasting polyester powdercoated paint finish

  • Available in Anthracite Grey 7016m & Jet Black 9005m

  • Glass from 1.0 U value to 0.6 U value

  • Glass spec is 4 / 20 / 4 heat soaked toughened glass

  • 23mm overhang for improve weatherproofing

  • Sunguard 70/35 Neutral Solar Glass

  • Ritec Self Cleaning Glass available

Robust Glazing Designs

Our aluminium roof lanterns are available with several glazing options, depending on your home improvement project and personal preferences. We use premium panels of double glazing which can stop harmful UV-rays from penetrating into your home, and will stop your furniture from becoming damaged and faded.

Our aluminium roof lanterns will brighten up any space in your Leatherhead home without overheating the area. Create a bright a small area and make it appear bigger than it actually is. Because these profiles are bonded securely to the main framework, they offer an enhanced level of structural integrity.


Thermally Efficient

Our aluminium roof lanterns have been crafted with thermal efficiency in mind. With the cost of living on the rise, it is vital that anything installed into your Leatherhead home is energy efficient. This could boost the market value of your home as well as help make the space more eco friendly.

The super-insulated profiles of our aluminium roof lanterns can help your property between retain heat. Enjoy a consistently comfortable space all year round thanks to the low U-values of our aluminium roof lanterns.

Because your home will be consistently comfortable all year round, you could find yourself spending less on your energy bills. These innovative double glazed installations can help make your property more sustainable and more cost efficient to run.



Another benefit of our aluminium roof lanterns is their market leading levels of weatherproofing. Every profile we install features a state of the art weather gasket that filters away excess rainwater. This will minimise the framework getting clogged up and will eliminate water ingress. Enjoy a drier and draught free home with these aluminium roofing solutions.

Alongside their enhanced level of weatherproofing, these installations also deliver an outstanding level of soundproofing. The acoustic insulation of these doors will help your Leatherhead home become a peaceful place to relax, work and socialise.


Bespoke Roofing Installations

Our aluminium roof lanterns are made to measure, ensuring your new installation seamlessly blends into your home. We will measure your space, working with you to ensure your roofing system fits the length and width of your Leatherhead building. Our aluminium roof lanterns can be as long as 4m and as wide as 2m.

Our aluminium installations feature a range of interchangeable elements that can be customised to suit your current architecture, existing double glazing and personal preferences. Our roof lanterns are available in a broad array of styles and configurations to match your building.

We offer a range of colours, all of which are long lasting and highly pigmented. No matter the shade you choose, it will not fade or crack over time or in adverse weather conditions. These roofing systems will also require very minimal maintenance from the homeowner to stay looking as good as the day we install them.

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