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Install an aluminium roof lantern in your Farnborough property to open up your space. Create the ideal warm, inviting atmosphere to relax or host guests in with our beautiful products. Available in a number of styles and configurations, our aluminium roof lanterns will complement any property style. Our made to measure installations are fitted to some of the highest standards on the market.

After taking accurate measurements of your space, we complete the installation process quickly and efficiently. To relieve you of any stress or worry, we cause little disruption to your Farnborough home whilst the work is being carried out. Our friendly team leave your property in the best working order, free from materials and waste. We oversee the entire process from ordering to completion.

With years of experience in the home improvements industry, we pride ourselves on a reliable service and attention to detail. We never miss the finer details to ensure your aluminium roof lantern both looks great and performs incredibly well. Enjoy decades of comfort and thermal efficiency with our bespoke products that are made with your specifications in mind.


  • Thermally broken comprising of 2 x 32mm polyamide inserts

  • Finished in a tough and long lasting polyester powdercoated paint

  • 23mm overhang for a better weather tight seal

  • RAL colour Anthracite Grey 7016m & Jet Black 9005m

  • Glass from 1.0 U value to 0.6 U value

  • Glass spec is 4 / 20 / 4 heat soaked toughened glass

  • Sunguard 70/35 Neutral Solar Glass

  • Ritec Self Cleaning Glass available

Thermal Efficiency

Instantly improve the thermal efficiency of your Farnborough property with our excellent aluminium roof lanterns. Made up of a combination of durable double glazing and lightweight aluminium, our products are great at preventing excess heat loss in your home. As a result, your space will remain at the optimum temperature whatever the season. Never overheat or become too cold.

Our aluminium roof lanterns boast incredibly low U-values as they are designed to trap pockets of warm air within their profiles. Consequently, you will have to rely less on your central heating for warmth as our products help to regulate the temperature of your Farnborough home. Save money over time with our installations that are sustainable, making them a great investment for the future.


In addition to this, our aluminium roof lanterns are extremely weatherproof. Each of our profiles contains innovative filtering systems that prevent rainwater and debris from becoming clogged within the frames. Your new feature will continue to perform well for years, eliminating the possibility of draughts and water ingress in your property. Keep protected with our modern installations.

Even in the harshest winds and rain, our aluminium roof lanterns will never falter. Resistant to strong force, the double glazing panels act as a weatherproof barrier for your Farnborough home. In addition to this, our aluminium roof lanterns will provide great soundproofing. Reduce noise pollution in your property with our products. They will even soften the noise of loud rainfall.

Low Maintenance

The low maintenance nature of our aluminium roof lanterns means they are incredibly easy to keep clean. All they require is an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth to ensure the profiles continue to remain glossy. The innovative design of our aluminium roof lanterns means dirt and grime never collects or builds up on the frame. Instead, your view is left crystal clear at all times.

The clever filtering systems within our profiles also eliminate the possibility of condensation forming on the glass. Underperforming aluminium roof lanterns will often promote damp and mildew, unpleasant things to find in your Farnborough property. Rest assured that you will never experience these issues with our modern products that provide excellent ventilation.


To suit the style of your Farnborough property, customise your aluminium roof lanterns with our changeable elements. Our coloured coatings are made of the finest quality pigments to ensure they never fade or begin to bleach in direct sunlight. The premium grade materials in our lanterns also mean your furniture will be protected from harmful UV rays as our glazing effectively filters light.

Our aluminium roof lanterns are available in several configurations to complement the feel of your space. From large installations to smaller fittings, our friendly team of experts are able to work with your specifications to create the best result for your home. We start by taking accurate measurements of your space to draw up plans for your dream aluminium roof lantern.

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